Frankenstein game

frankensteinThis slot machine brings the legend to life. There are a number of great graphics that bring this game to life.

Details slot

The theoretic payout for this game is as high as 96.6 percent.
This is a video slot machine game
There are 20 lines , 3 rows, and 5 different reels
There are also scatters, wild cards, burning mill free spins, and prize multipliers

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There are many unusual symbols that can appear during game play. This will allow the player additional chances of winning.

Wild Symbols
These symbols can turn two or more symbols around them into wilds. They can replace other symbols except for the scatters. There is the Lightning Wilds and the Fire Wilds. The Lightning will appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. They are able to expand the reels that are adjacent to them. The Fire Wilds appear during the free spins. They do not replace scatter or multipliers.

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Free Spins
When a player gets three or more scatter symbols they will get 10 free spins. There are multipliers during this free spins that will allow a person to win one to five times the amount. There will be an extra multiplier on reel 5. The multiplier on this line will multiply the prize amount by five. When the maximum is reached it will disappear. The free spins will then be multiplied by five.
During free spins a player can have the chance to win five more free spins if 2 scatter symbols will appear. If they get three of these symbols they get an additional 10 free spins.

Bet Limits

There are six different values a person can bet. They can bet 1 or 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 or 20 cents, or 50 cents. A person can bet on up to 20 lines on 10 different bet levels.

The minimum bet it 20 lines is $20
The maximum bet at 20 lines is $100

Pay table

The reels on this game go from left to right. The highest line will be paid out. Winning symbols are found on the pay tables. To find out the different values a player can click Paytable on the left of the screen.


There are a number of settings that can be adjusted. The icons are on the bottom left of the screen.
The speaker can turn the sound on or off.
The question mark will open the help setting.
The Auto button can set the game to a specific number of rounds. A person can also determine how long the auto play button should go for. This can also control this with the stop button. A person can also adjust:

  • The speed of the spins
  • The animations
  • The sound
  • The quality of the graphics
  • The history of the game


Manual Mode

The + and – symbols will allow a player to change some settings on the game. A person can adjust their bet as well.
The max bet will allow a person to play the highest bet with one click.
The autoplay button will allow a person to play a number of rounds automatically. A person will not have to click between plays.
The middle round bottoms will allow the reels to spin. A person can make the reels stop by click this button again.